Social Media and why it is so important

Social Media and why it is so important

In the last few years Marketing and what it’s all about has changed a lot. Social Media got interesting for a huge amount of people and it seems like without a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, it is almost impossible to establish your brand. Why is it that important and what can you do with it?

Connect to Customers

Customer Service is always a big deal for companies and it affects the way people think about you and your brand. On Social Media you can connect with your customers, answer their comments and give them insight on what you’re doing for them and for the products. People are going to connect to your brand and therefore like, share and spread your ideas.

Gain New Customers

As you are connecting with people and share interesting content, they will begin spreading your ideas and you can be exposed to an audience that might not have otherwise known your brand.

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Website Traffic

Getting traffic on your website and people finding out about your products is always important. By using link backs from Social Media to your website, you can easily generate traffic and also improve your website search rank.

Loyalty of your Audience

The more you engage with people on Social Media, the more loyal they will be and follow your brand. On Social Media, a brand can act human and that’s the way the people like to communicate: with people, not entities.

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