SEO Trends for 2011

  • February 3, 2011
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The new year fast approaches. With that in mind, we thought we’d discuss some search engine optimization trends we believe will be “hot” in 2011.

We’ve mentioned this in previous posts: Is your business optimizing its offerings for smartphones? More than 90 million people use these “smart” mobile phones today, a number that will only continue to grow next year. Is your site optimized for these mobile users? In fact, many experts believe a good number of smartphone owners access the Web via the phones much more than they do via a desktop, laptop or netbook system. Are you optimizing your site for such applications as Google’s Mobile Search Services? What about Google’s AdWord’s mobile keyword tool? In fact, results from mobile searches are more important to Google than desktop searches. You may want to look into mobile SEO.

First came SEO; social media optimization is going to grow ever more necessary in 2011. Work to get backlinks to your site from such sites as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Work on your profile on these sites: Do they entice visitors to head to your site? Don’t forget keywords in your tweets and updates. Look at social media as well as SEO as twin warriors doing battle for your company. Honor them well.

Did you know that visitors to your site are very likely to watch videos you put there? Do so with a video that you also place on YouTube, a video that’s been optimized for good keywords, and you’ve just provided your site with some great SEO “juice.” Google loves videos! In fact, a YouTube video can easily come up in today’s search results, even before a page optimized well but full of content only.

Local search was big this year (2010), and we see this continuing into next year and beyond. It’s a special boon to businesses who primarily serve local and regional residents. It’s also much easier to rank well for local listings as there usually are fewer companies vying for your target market’s attention.

Personalized search is really going to take off next year. Google, in fact, already has made personalized search the default option of search users (unless they manually opt out). Personalized search works by offering a searcher’s results based upon his or her web surfing habits.

2010 seems to have been something akin to the “Year of Off-Site SEO” what with the increased strength of YouTube and search media marketing and the continued strength of article marketing and blogging. 2011 may see that change just a bit, with a bit of increased focus on on-site optimization. You also should pay attention to how fast your site loads because Google will start penalizing those sites that take longer to download.

We hope you’ll allow to provide you with optimization services for 2011 and beyond. Contact us today so that we may learn more about your business’ goals and how we can help your website attract more visitors and increase your revenue.

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