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  • January 13, 2010
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Let’s talk news. As in press releases.

As I wrote earlier, optimized press releases can go a long way toward helping people find your company and/or the services you offer.

And what’s really terrific about the Internet – you can write a press release, submit it to online release distribution service such as PRWeb, PRNewswire and others and then watch the inquiries to your website roll in – even if you never receive one phone call from a reporter.

I kid you not. Once your optimized press release hits the World Wide Web, it will show up in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. It will. Particularly if you have had it search engine optimized for the keywords people use when searching for the things your company sells or the services you offer.Optimized Press Releases

Let’s say you’re a mortgage firm in Houston, TX. When people search for “Mortgages Houston” or “Houston Mortgages,” and if you’ve optimized your news release for those keywords, your optimized press release will show up in their keyword search for months, if not years. You easily could receive hundreds of inquires over time from just one press release – not just the one-shot instance when a reporter from your local paper calls to interview you and subsequently runs the article in the paper.

Submit a press release to the online PR distribution companies, and people will continue to find you. You spent the time (or perhaps the money if you asked GOiMarketing to write the press release for you), but that release still works for you.

Can an article in your local rag do that for you? Probably not. Nope, the newsprint that article was printed on was sent to the recycling bin long ago. The chances of someone finding that article in that newspaper months or years later is virtually nil. (That said, however, almost all newspapers place many – but not all – of their articles on their website. But what were the chances that that print reporter wrote that article with optimized keywords in mind? None, more than likely.)

So I recommend you spend your PR money wisely. By all means, send your release to your local and regional newspapers, but I would spend the bulk of my time putting together an Search Engine Optimized Press Release and submitting it the online distribution companies. You’ll get a lot more return on your investment (of time and money) online.

And one final note (and, yes, you bet this is a shameless plug!), all the SEO press releases we write here at GOiMarketing are written also to catch the eyes of journalists. So don’t be surprised if that optimized press release we wrote for you does garner you some ink in your local newspaper.

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