Search Engine Marketing – Choosing Keywords

Keywords are probably the most important factor when it comes to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Choosing the correct keywords that relate to your business can dramatically increase traffic to your website. Choosing the right keywords requires some research; you first want to pick keywords that pertain to your website’s focus, think of your main services or products. Your keywords (which can be phrases like “search engine optimization services“) should also target your audience. Once you have an idea of your keywords, you want to do some research to see how many people are searching that keyword and if you need to you can slightly modify them based on those results. Checking related websites can also give you an idea. You can also go to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Live and type in your keywords and see the number of results that are displayed. The higher the number of results, most likely the more popular your keywords are.

The down side is the higher the search engine results, the more competitive your keywords are. Once you have done some research and you have come up with keywords you think will help, make sure to include them in your website content. Don’t stuff keywords everywhere, just try to naturally blend them in your content. Also add them in your site title and Meta tags. Search Engine Marketing starts with keyword research. The above steps should give you a good start, but keep in mind choosing the best keywords and keyword research is way more extensive.

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