Survival Guide for Restaurants During Corona Virus Closures!

- By Richard Uzelac, CEO GoMarketing
Survival Guide for Restaurants During Corona Virus Closures!

Do these things TODAY if you have closed your restaurant’s dining room per state order due to the COVID-19 Virus.
I write this Monday, March 23rd at 4 pm PST in Thousand Oaks California.
My first thoughts today were for restaurant owners across the USA that were told they must shut down their dining rooms to stem the spread of the Corona virus.

You can stay open to conduct the following business:

  • Delivery: You can take phone orders and deliver food to your customers. You can fulfill orders from Uber Eats, Door Dash and others as well.
  • Pickup/Carryout: You can allow patrons to come into your restaurant, and pickup their phone orders.
  • Drive -Through: If you are lucky to have a drive-through for your restaurant, that can stay open.

Adjust Staffing:

  • You will be able to keep some of your staff on payroll to handle the above options for conducting your restaurant business. Some owners have laid off most of their staff but kept thirty percent or so to conduct business.
  • Your situation will dictate how many people stay on staff. Or how many you switch to part-time.

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Driving Customers to Your Restaurants:

You can be all set to offer Deliver and Takeout, but if nobody knows you are open, what good is it? Do these things:

Restaurant Digital Marketing Strategies


  • Website: Update your Website home page to reflect that you are OPEN! Don’t make people guess. When they come to your site, it needs to be obvious you are aware of the COVID-19 situation and that you are still open!

“YES! We are OPEN for Delivery and Takeout!”
“CALL NOW! to Place Your Takeout or Delivery Order!”
“Call 222-555-1234 to order Pickup or Delivery! Or fill out this form:

  • More on Website: Consider adding a home page banner that explains what your restaurant is doing to comply with the COVID-19 restrictions and health measures you are taking. Brent’s Deli, on its website, added a message of precautionary steps they are taking in concerns about the spread of Coronavirus. We can provide you with a sample upon request.

NOTE: You will notice this Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance icon Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance on both the Brent’s Deli website and on this GoMarketing website to the far left.

This Icon opens an Accessibility Program so that those with hearing and vision issues can access your restaurant website and order online or call you. It is very important for ALL Restaurants to be ADA Compliant in 2020 and beyond.

Learn more about ADA Compliance


  • Run very targeted Google Adwords and Facebook ads to let everyone know that customers can still get your great food and you are open to help them.
  • Advertising can get you on the first page of Google and infront of people looking for an open restaurant.


  • Get a sign that say’s “We’re OPEN!” and put it in front of your restaurant.
  • Paint a message on your storefront if appropriate.
  • Have an employee hold a sign up on the main street to attract passersby to park their cars and order.

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