Richard Uzelac, RealtyTech CEO, Offers Lead Generation Tips for Real Estate Marketing

Richard Uzelac, RealtyTech CEO, Offers Lead Generation Tips for  Real Estate Marketing

 Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech Inc. Offers the Top Five Lead Generation Techniques for Realtors

Richard Uzelac’s Practical Advice for Busy Realtors Seeking More Online Leads:

1.    Hire a Marketing Company:

Ha Ha! That’s easy but expensive, you may say. I get it. But it’s the ROI Return on Investment (Both Time and Money Investment)  that winners look for! Please think about what you do best. If you are a successful Realtor, you are great at Selling homes and Listing Properties. ANYTHING that can free you up to do that AND generate more real estate leads is perfect. It’s the old ‘one deal pays for it’ adage and it is true!  Let a professional keep you relevant online.  Let a professional generate new leads for you. You take your freed up time and do what you do best!

2.   Create New Targeted Content:

For some, creating compelling new content is HARD. It is so hard that most agent don’t do it.  The solution, well, see #1 above!   Or, if you want to tackle it, here are a few articles, blog posts that get you the most bang for your time.

  • Go BIG: Google likes blog posts of over 600 words. In fact many killer blog posts are in excess of 2,000 words. Bigger is better for ranking on Google.
  • Write City Pages: Write pages that geo-target cities, areas, neighborhoods, whatever is appropriate for your area. Don’t get greedy! One long post for your main city is much better than three short ones for three areas.
  • Articles on your site: Regular website pages shouldn’t be ignored. Breakout of your template content you get when you buy an agent site. Get into those pages and rewrite everything and target for your areas and services. Add your personal touch.
  • Images are content! NEVER EVER EVER grab an image online and use it. Most likely it is copyrighted and you will be sued. ALWAYS buy your images. My suggestion is When you sign up for their service, the images are cheap and plentiful. Better yet, take your own images! This will keep you safe and add a local informed flair to your site.

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3.  Social Marketing:

I can hear it from here: ‘Yuck, I don’t want to do that. Again, see #1 above, we do Social for Agents too! But if you want to do it yourself, great! The techniques and platforms are too numerous to list here. I suggest: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for social.  The key here is to offer interesting information about the market and how you help buyers and sellers. Post your listings and sales too! Don’t forget to post your great reviews on Social, it helps!

4. Directories

There are literally hundreds of online directories. Think of them like the old Yellow Pages.  Directories are large so they rank well for well built profiles online. Do a little online research for directory lists and have at it. Adding your profile on a directory will also provide a link back to your website. Even no-follow link are advantageous for your online ranking.

Richard Uzelac CEO of RealtyTech Inc.

5. Online Groups: 

This one is a bit out of the ordinary for such a short list but I believe agents talking to agents and networking is one of the greatest ways to get referrals and leads. Plus it is fun to connect with agents about of your market and share ideas.  Great Realtor groups online like offer a lot here.  Other more consumer groups can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and other smaller platforms. Being a helpful and not pushy participant can generate great leads and traffic to your website.

About Richard Uzelac:

Richard Uzelac is the Founder and CEO of GoMarketing Inc. and RealtyTech Inc.  “We started GoMarketing as a result of many requests from our Real Estate agent Clients with our company, RealtyTech Inc. Many of our Realtor’s spouses owned other businesses and wanted help. Real Estate Clients themselves had multiple businesses and wanted our help with internet marketing. They came to us as they were so happy with our work on their real estate websites,” he said. “This constant request for help prompted us to create GoMarketing to meet this very strong demand”, said Mr. Uzelac.

Richard Uzelac is available for Consulting and for speeches on Internet Marketing and Advertising. Please contact him  at 805.413.7893

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