Richard Uzelac, GOMarketing CEO, Speaks on Real Estate Marketing

Richard Uzelac, GOMarketing CEO, Speaks on Real Estate Marketing

CEO and Founder of GOMarketing, Richard Uzelac speaks about Marketing in the Real Estate Industry:

Here are some tips on how to beat the competition among real estate websites:

Keyword Research:

Do keyword research into how home buyers or sellers search in your area. Google offers free Webmaster Tools including a Keyword Research tool. Another good tool is the system. The benefit here is knowing how many times people search for specific keywords, in your market area. Knowing that, you should add these keywords in your descriptions of your markets and cities. The more searches equals the more opportunities for you will have of someone finding your site, engaging and contacting you!

Fix Broken Links:

Make sure you have no broken links on your site: Broken links sound bad and they are, there are many free linking tools that will help you identify and fix broken links.

Title Tags:

Place original title tags on every page and make sure your meta description includes targeted keywords: Google’s Tag Manager is a great tool for keeping your tags up to date and supporting your SEO programs.

Create Original Content:

Your site should have original content with keywords: Google says, ‘Content is King’ and it’s very true. Duplicated content will not get you much and could cause damage to your online rankings. Good quality original content makes the difference.

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Create a Real Estate Blog:

Long 1,000 to 2,000 word blogs are very important to online rankings. Google respects original informative blogs. Try to blog every week at least.

Get Social:

Participate on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others: Millions are on Social Media and you need to go to where the people are!  Setup your Business pages correctly and stay somewhat active to leverage these great lead opportunities!


Consider starting a pay-per-click advertising campaign:  Once you understand online advertising, go ahead and jump in. If you don’t understand it yet, hire a professional company  like!

Following these steps can go a long way when it comes to marketing real estate online. If it all seems a bit overwhelming, I understand!  It is actually a lot of work and commitment for those unfamiliar with online marketing and such. No worries! Our professional team of Marketers, Designers, Advertisers and Writers are here to take that burden off your shoulders. Just contact us at (805)413-7893 and let’s start the conversation to build your business online!

Richard Uzelac, Founder and CEO of GoMarketing Inc.
Richard Uzelac, Founder and CEO of GoMarketing Inc.


Richard Uzelac, CEO of and is available for consulting for Internet Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Design. Mr. Uzelac is also available to speak at Conventions, Expos, and Corporate Meetings. Please call Richard at (805)-413-7893 for more information.

Uzelac started RealtyTech in 2002 Building Websites and IDX for Agents and Offices. Over the past 17 years RealtyTech has launched over 8,000 websites and IDX solutions for agents nationwide. Richard Uzelac started GoMarketing in 2010 to service Professionals, Business and Corporations online.

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