Digital Marketing Guide For Plumbers by Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing Inc.

Digital Marketing Guide For Plumbers by Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing Inc.

Helping Plumbers Grow Their Digital Presence, by Richard Uzelac


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Plumber marketing strategies to Reach More Customers Online

Why Plumbers Should Market Their Business Online

“At GoMarketing, we understand that for most home services businesses, especially plumbers, your solid customer base is within a 30 to 50 mile radius of your location(s).

It’s important for your marketing efforts to continue reaching new clients as well as reminding past customers about your affordable prices and valuable services.

When working with the same or similar target audience(s), your home services business will need to get creative with marketing strategies, messaging, and lead generation tactics.

Is your plumbing business experiencing a Midsummer slump when it comes to its marketing efforts?

GoMarketing suggests using digital marketing strategies to expand your business’ reach. Read on to learn more about some new online and offline lead generation ideas you can use to grow your plumbing business!” said Richard Uzelac

Online & Offline Marketing Tips & Tricks For Plumbers

Marketing experts and business professionals agree: small business owners, like plumbers, can better optimize their lead conversions and marketing ROI by combining both online and offline tactics.

Plumbers are no exception to this. No matter if your plumbing business is well-established, family-owned, and/or multi generational, your company will undoubtedly benefit from boosting traditional methods with some newer digital tactic.

With more and more consumers researching and discovering local businesses online, making your plumbing business easy-to-find and remember in the digital world is key for appealing to emerging markets and audiences.

Here are some surefire ways to attract new business, online and offline, in the Digital Age.

Build A Savvy Plumbing Website:

‘The baseline for any small business these days is a unique, easy-to-navigate website that offers a streamlined user-experience.

Not only does your plumbing business need a layout and design that makes sense, your web pages should also be optimized for all of the platforms that exist today–desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Think of your website as an online reflection of your brand and values as well as the first step in building domain authority. Make sure images are high-res and all of your contact information is up-to-date and correct,” said Richard Uzelc

Sign Up With Local Directories:

The days of phone books and yellow pages are long gone. Local directories have gone digital, so your plumbing business ought to adapt accordingly. To maintain exposure online, your business ought to add its address, website, and contact information to the following popular directories:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Angie’s List
  • LinkedIn

Also, keep in mind that the more directories your business is added to, the more domain authority you’re likely to receive.

At GoMarketing, we suggest having a team member or marketing manager refresh and verify all of your listings every few months–to make sure contact information is current and to keep your directory listings active.

Create A Downloadable DIY Guide:

“These days, content is king. Creating unique plumbing related content that answers your audience’s questions or helps them solve a problem establishes your business as a trusted professional and go-to expert.

For example, your plumbing company could create a helpful tutorial on how to change the flapper valve on a residential toilet.

DIY’ers will love it and contact your business for larger projects that require more in-depth expertise.

You might be wondering:

Won’t this lead to my plumbing business losing out on smaller jobs?

However, the brand authority and bigger and better service opportunities are priceless,” said Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing Inc.

Invest In SEO Services:

Search Engine Optimization involves all sorts of combined efforts and factors, among them include optimizing your web page title, meta tags and image alt tags according to your plumbing business’ relevant keywords.

Because SEO requires a multidimensional approach, it might be helpful to partner up with a local digital marketing agency that can take care of all the grunt work and provide helpful analytics and metrics in regards to your digital presence.

Stay Active On Social Media:

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to be available on social media platforms.

Posting regularly and interacting with your customers is the best way to demonstrate and grow your plumbing business’ social proof.

Consider sharing helpful videos and tutorials as well as promotions, coupons, and giveaways to keep your audience(s) engaged.

Claim Your Google My Business Listing:

The majority of customers are going to search for a plumbing company on Google and choose one of the top businesses in the local search results.

That’s why it’s so important that your plumbing business claims its Google My Business listing.

To do this, visit, claim your listing, and verify all of your business’ information. This will ensure your plumbing company appears on Google Maps for any local searches in your area.

Create An Online Community:

Start a conversation with audiences on your digital and social media platforms. This creates a space in which customers, returning and potential, can continue learning about plumbing issues, your industry, and more.

Online users are drawn to opportunities for education and entertainment, so you ought to appeal to these human instincts and create a community in which your plumbing business is the source.

Paid Search Ads:

Any organic SEO strategy ought to incorporate paid digital advertising to boost overall web traffic and exposure.

Paid search ads are perfect for small business owners because they allow you to set your own budget and track metrics that allow you to see which type of content and campaigns perform best with your target demographics.

Network Within Your Industry:

Establish helpful contacts within the building, developing and contracting industries by attending conventions and networking with these industry professionals.

Keep records of the information for all of the contacts you establish from these events in an Excel sheet or CRM system and check-in with them every few months.

You never know when someone is going to need a new plumber or has a new venture they want to partner up with you for.

Get Google Certified:

On top of claiming your Google My Business listing, home service businesses now have the option to go the extra mile and get Google Certified, which would place your business’ listing above paid search results at the very top of a SERP.

This not only increases your plumbing business’ potential for exposure, leads, and conversions, it also enhances your credibility via third-party validation. To learn more about the process for getting Google Certified, click here.

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When you partner with GoMarketing, we’ll help you earn visibility for the keywords your target audience is searching, and earn more customers for your Plumber company.

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More Helpful Marketing Hacks For Plumbers

“The above marketing tips and tricks should act as a strong foundation for your plumbing company marketing strategies that remain active and ongoing all year round.

Here are some extra marketing hacks your business can try to increase its reach online and offline for more conversions and sales,” Richard Uzelac said.

  • Come Up With Cross-Promotions
  • Partner Up With A Local Home Improvement Contractor
  • Share Helpful Blog Content
  • Create Community Coupons
  • Film A Demonstration Video
  • Cloverleafing & Yard Signs
  • Utilize Live Video Streaming
  • Boost Online Reviews
  • Build A Solid Reputation
  • Optimize Service Pages
  • Create Whitepapers
  • Share Photos & Videos Of Works In Progress
  • Join An HOA
  • Market To Local Property Managers
  • Build Brand Assets & Authority
  • Launch A Referral Program
  • Join Facebook Groups
  • Create A Campaign That Honors & Supports Veterans
  • Track Incoming Calls
  • Create Geo-Target Web Pages For Smaller Surrounding Areas/Neighborhoods
  • Market To Past Customers
  • Partner Up With A Local Hardware Store
  • Run Demos At Trade Or Home Shows
  • Develop Strong Service Recovery

Since 2002, GoMarketing has been helping plumbing businesses reach a wider network within their local and surrounding areas by means of optimized digital assets and marketing strategies.

Our team of web developers and marketing managers have experience working with all sorts of businesses throughout the home services sector, including but not limited to:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • House Painters
  • Moving Companies
  • Pest Control
  • Electricians
  • Flooring Companies
  • Roofing Experts
  • Solar Companies
  • Window Installers
  • Professional Cleaners & Housekeepers
  • Landscaping Architects
  • Remodelers
  • Building Contractors
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Furniture Makers
  • Pet Care Specialists
  • Tree Care Specialists
  • Closet & Storage Companies

If you’re a home services business owner looking to increase your digital marketing returns and grow your business online, don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a free initial consultation to start your custom marketing program at 805.413.7893.

Do you have any additional questions about how to market your local plumbing business more effectively and efficiently to increase your customer base and bottom line each year.

Contact our team of web developers and marketing professionals at GoMarketing today for a free initial consultation, so we can get started on your custom marketing plan. Call us at 805.413.7893.

About GoMarketing

Based out of Thousand Oaks, California, GoMarketing uses the following mission statement to deliver digital marketing results to their clients: “Understand. Engage. Succeed. Grow.”

Acting as digital marketing professionals within a wide range of industry sectors, the GoMarketing team specializes in SEO, content strategy, website design and development, and more–providing a full suite of marketing solutions that generate online leads and sales for businesses throughout the country.

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About Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing
Founder of GoMarketing and RealtyTech Inc., Richard Uzelac is an Emmy award-winning graphics producer, former Director of, and sits on several boards of directors.

Richard Uzelac’s GoMarketing works with Corporations and Small Businesses to generate exposure, sales and improve online reputation.

Mr. Richard Uzelac is also available as a Technology Speaker, Seminar Provider and Business Consultant. For more information, contact Richard Uzelac at 805.413.7893.

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