Real Estate Realtors Agents are Latest Victims of Domain Renewal Scam

  • January 13, 2010
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We have received three calls this week from Realtor Clients, both real estate agents and brokers about their domains needing renewal.

A Domain scam is going on. The company calls themselves US Domain Protection Services, or some derivative of that. This company sends legal looking emails to agents and tells them to renew their domains or some other company will take their domains.

This company is not associated with any of the legitimate domain providers like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Tucows, RealtyTech, Wild West Domains, etc. etc.

If you are a member of a Realtor association see if you can get them to send an email to the membership stating that :

“There is a scam currently in progress to get you to renew your website domain names. The scam will state that they are with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Tucows, RealtyTech, Wild West Domains, and others. Please do not renew your domain name without first checking to see if the name is about to expire AND verify the renewal is legitimate with your Domain provider. You may want to call your website provider if you are not sure what to do. ”

We found this blog from June that reported this info.

It seems like Realtors are the target now. Great, the last thing they need these days is to waste money!

Richard Uzelac, President of

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