Pay-per-Click and Google Adwords – Focused, Effective and Not Inexpensive

As a business owner looking to launch or increase your web presence, you’ve no doubt heard about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Such a campaign also can be known as a Google Adword campaign because Google is the pay-per-click giant.

You’ve probably been approached by marketing firms who can help you put together a PPC campaign. In fact, we may have approached you about a PPC campaign because we have the expertise and PPC wisdom honed over many months of helping clients large and small execute successful pay-per-click initiatives.

That said, I want to caution you about PPC. We have a nifty short overview on PPC on our website, yet I’ll paraphrase it here:

A PPC campaign can be very successful if you have the deep-pocket budget to pay for it. And I mean pay for it consistently, as in weeks and months A Google Adword campaign, as just one example – and this applies to other pay-per-click initiatives at other search engines such as Yahoo and Overture – can run you thousand of dollars a day. That’s right: Thousands. Of. Dollars. A. Day.

Continuing my paraphrasing of our PPC overview, once your daily “clicks” budget is spent, your ad no longer will appear on the search’s engine search results pages. You’ve spent the money for an ad, but no one is seeing it anymore.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another way to get visitors to your website, and it costs you nothing when a visitor clicks your site link when it appears in a search engine’s results page. I’ll talk more about this in another post because – of course! – GOiMarketing can set up an organic SEO program for you, too.

But back to Adwords and PPC. The really terrific thing about Adwords is that you can target the exact market you want to reach. Do you sell scrapbook supplies and you want to target, for example, the extreme niche market of adoptive parents who wish to put together lifebooks for their children? You can create a PPC campaign that targets just them. You won’t get the moms of newborns. Neither will you get the professional scrapbookers, nor the local scrapbooking club members (although you can target those niches, of course). No, you will only get adoptive families. And only those adoptive families looking to create a lifebook for their baby girl just arrived from China or their 8-year old son born in Moscow will see your ad.

Why? Because more than likely the scrapbooker in the family probably did a keyword search such as: “scrapbook adoption lifebook.” Or “scrapbook adoption.”

An Adword campaign allows you to pay for advertising that gets you in front of only those people who are interested in your services or wares. That’s the beauty of a PPC/Google Adword campaign: Your return on investment is exceptionally focused.

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