Meta Tags a Question, but All Hail the Title Tag

Meta Tags a Question, but All Hail the Title Tag

At a recent seminar several of us were discussing the merits of Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization.

A growing camp sees Meta Tags as almost worthless with Google’s new algorithm and Yahoo’s as well.

We believe a well created and optimized Meta tag still has merit, especially if the page content doesn’t have all the keyword density that we would like to have for design or content reasons. A well developed group of Meta tags can help a great deal with this situation.

All agree however that Title tags are VERY important and will always be important, well at least until the big three change dramatically.

Many people ask us how many characters we should add for their title tags and the best answer we have is go look and see what Google returns in the results and try to stay in that neighborhood. We’ve always said that the Internet marketing is in the pudding and Google and Yahoo are the puddings you should be spending your time consuming.

A well developed title tag should reflect brand, product, services, geo-target and other keywords to be most effective.

Descriptions are not a viewed by the casual user but they do show up on many Google returns and spending the correct effort on these is still quite rewarding.

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