Marketing Your Site Online: It’s Time to Let Go

Small business owners know that they pretty much have to do it all in the beginning: all the bookkeeping. All the selling. All the customer service. All the office cleaning. All the ordering of supplies, etc.

But a problem arises when the owner of a small business continues to “do it all” once the business has grown a bit.

Instead, it’s far wiser to outsource or delegate the things you don’t do well so that you can concentrate on the things you do well.

This includes your Internet marketing.

Business owners who have studied how to market their business on the Web know that it’s not really rocket science: Use keyword research tools to find out the keywords potential customers use to find their company’s products/services on the Web. Optimize their site for those keywords. Perform off-site optimization by blogging, Tweeting, posting on Facebook and writing and distributing informative, keyword-rich articles to the free article directories.

It’s not hard, of course, but it is difficult. It’s difficult for the owner or manager of a small business to find the time to 1) learn how to do SEO successfully and 2) do the actual optimization (the coding for SEO, the writing, the distributing, the commenting on blogs, the Tweeting, etc.)

Seriously, doing all the things that should be done to market your site online can easily become a full-time job. Do you really have that kind of time? Is it the best use of your time? We really doubt it.

Business owners often have a huge sense of control. They started the business and they control it. Giving up some control of an important part of the business such as marketing it online can be tough, but we urge you to hire an SEO company to do your online marketing — whether that SEO company be or another — so that your time and your talents can be used where they are needed most.

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