Local Business Marketing: Put Your Company on the Map!

Local Business Marketing: Put Your Company on the Map!

Local Business Marketing: The NEW search engine marketing solution for Professionals and Companies!

Until recently there have been two main areas to get placed on Google, Yahoo and MSN: Organic Search Results and ads on the search engines.

Advertising on the Search Engines:

Everyone knows that placing the ads has it’s drawbacks:

* It’s Expensive: It’s usually quite expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars per month to have an effective program.
* Limited Market:Google Adwords ONLY appear on Google and it’s subsidiaries. So you get no placement on Yahoo or MSN and their subsidiaries. If you want ads on Yahoo or MSN, you have to create programs on them and pay them too for the ads to run., again, this is expensive.
* Limited Time:Google, Yahoo and MSN ads are only displayed as long as you have budget to pay for each and every click. Once your daily or monthly budget is exhausted: YOUR ADS ARE REMOVED!

So if you run ads on Google only, you are advertising on only PART of the market, and when the budget is used up, you are off the market. At best you are on Part of the Market, Part of the Time.

Organic Search Results: The Holy Grail

The first few pages of organic results on the major search engines is where everyone wants to be. Being on the first page of Google and not paying per click and disappearing when a budget is exhausted is the best of all worlds. Being on a top page organically means you will be getting about ten times (10X) the clicks as the guy posting the ads on that page.

With that said, there are a couple of drawbacks:

It’s Expensive:(sound familiar?) The cost is caused by the amount of SEO specialist time it takes to update your website in such a way as to attract the search engines to your site, and subsequently, display your site higher and higher on the search engines.

I takes TIME:While a PPC, or Adword can go online in one day, a good SEO program may take six months or more to get you were you need to go.

Local Business Marketing: The New Kid in Town

Now you have a third choice that is both FAST AND CHEAP! Not only that, it is very very effective in driving people to your phone number, address, and website (IF, you have one! If you don’t have a website, IT STILL WORKS!)

This program will get you on ALL of the Search Engines, ALL of the time, both FAST and Affordable!

SEO Engineers can create your local account and optimize it and have you show up on the Google mini map you’ve seen on the search results (on Yahoo too!). What’s more you can get a cheap ‘video’ presentation of your company and that video will quickly result in a top placement as well.

Business professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Dentists and Insurance Agents can greatly benifit form this service!

You can learn more abut Local Business Marketing and the costs here: GOMarketing Local Business Marketing.

The new kid in town is awesome! Take advantage and be an early adopter today!

Example, go to Google, type in: Agoura Hills Porsche Repair

Notice the results for Revolution Motorsports: the company is listed FOUR (4) times on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE Organically! The program is only a month old so the company will appear on the map section in the near future, but now they are the TOP THREE LISTINGS!!!! All this for Less than $150/month!!!

Richard Uzelac, CEO, GOMarketing.

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