Is Your Website All Dressed Up with No Place to Go?

That is, does your website look great, but no one is visiting? That needs to change.

Too often we’ve seen businesses put up a website that, basically, just sits there. It’s a brochure online. But no one is visiting and so your beautiful online brochure remains unopened.

Getting your website to work for you isn’t hard and it needn’t be very expensive, especially when you consider the terrific return on investment a website that’s been turned into an online marketing machine will bring you.

First things first: Optimize your site for search engines. Either hire an SEO firm (such as or do it yourself, but get thee to a keyword research tool (such as Google’s) and start finding what keywords you can use to help your target market find your website. Type in a keyword phrase you think your target audience would use to find your products/services and see what comes up. Start placing those keywords in your website’s content.

Second: Start with the social media marketing. Open up a Twitter account. Start a Facebook page for your company. “Study” how other companies are using these social media sites to their benefit and aim to do the same. Try different tactics and see how they work for you.

Third: Start a blog for your business. Write about the day-to-day operations. Write about your opinion about your industry’s trends. Take a look at blogs of other companies and see post ideas that tickle your fancy, then write a post with your own spin/opinion. Be sure to have a link from your blog to your company’s website prominently displayed on the blog. (You’ll also want to have a prominent link to your blog on your website.)

Fourth: Write keyword articles and then submit them to a few – or hundreds, using an article distribution service – of the article distribution sites around the Web. Place a link to your website in the author’s resource box. This will help get links back to your site. Search engine spiders love backlinks; it helps it rate your site higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Yes, this takes time. Lots of time. But it does work. Yet optimizing your site really is a job for people who do SEO for a living. does SEO for a living and we hope you’ll contact us to discuss how we may help you get more traffic to your site – and you can convert that traffic into customers once they’ve visited.

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