How Video Can Help Market Your Business

  • April 22, 2010
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If you’re not using videos to market your business, you’re losing out on a great way to create some incredible results for your company. What’s more, video marketing is relatively inexpensive and provides a terrific return on your investment (ROI).

Rather than have your potential buyers read about your products or services benefits, why not have them see them?  Video tape a session that explains how your products work and the benefits they bring to a customer. Sit in front of the video camera yourself and explain your services, perhaps even have some happy customers testify to how your service helped them. Marketers are reporting that videos receive a better buying response than text. Be sure to include a Purchase Now button somewhere near the video so that your visitors can turn into buyers quickly and easily.

You know you’ve done it yourself: a friend sends you a link to a video on YouTube with a note that “you must watch this!” You can “go viral” too. Place your video on your own site, but also upload it on to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Create an entertaining piece and just watch it be sent to hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of people. Regardless of how many see it, any video you post to YouTube has a great chance of being viewed by many people – people who could soon become your customers.

Are you a service provider? Have you ever given a speech in front of a group or held a seminar that taught attendees something? Be sure to videotape and be sure to place it on your website. Seeing you standing on a stage in front of others instantly brands you as the expert in your field.

On-site Videos

You can now see real live people walking on screens of certain websites. People engage visitors. By having the human element on your site, you can connect with your prospects at a deeper level and relate to them better. One site that offers on site videos is

Video Streaming Sites

Video streaming sites have become the biggest marketing tool in internet history. You can now upload videos for free without having to worry about storage space of bandwidth. The social element of these sites allows viewers to post comments, video responses and create discussions and share videos. The Web 2.0 era has allowed the spread of information, videos and value to achieve levels of growth faster than before.

In summary, these video marketing trends have enormous potential in growing businesses and it is important for us to stay on top of the trends so that we can capitalize on these new findings in the internet marketing industry.

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