How to Write Terrific Titles for Your PPC Ads

(This blog post is the second in short series on how to conduct a well-run PPC campaign.)

Once you’ve chosen your keywords for your Pay-per-Click campaign, it’s time to write the ad — also known as a listing — that will appear in the search results.

Be careful as you craft this. This is your “headline” and it will be competing with others in the search results. You want to create a listing that will get your target market to click on it.

Your title should be short — no more than five words. Select a title/headline that shows what the page it leads to is all about while promoting awareness of your brand.

The description — the two lines below your title — can be longer, but really should never be longer than 25 word. Let readers know how clicking on your link will answer their search query.

For example, let’s say you sell hiking boots and that your business name is Bob’s Hiking Boots Company. A search phrase might be “buy hiking boots” (people actually will probably also type in a brand name, ex: “buy Merrell hiking boots,” but for now we’ll just leave a brand name out).

Your title/headline could be “Great Hiking Boots from” or “ Best Value Boots.”

Your description could then read: “Great selection of hiking boots for all ages and abilities. Bob’s Hiking Boots Company offers you great quality and terrific prices.”

If at all possible, put your keywords in the title and ad:

Title: “Buy Hiking Boots at”

Description: “Looking to buy hiking boots? Bob’s Hiking Boot Company offers you great quality boots at terrific prices.”

Write different ads for the same keywords so that you can experiment to see which ads/listings bring you buyers. Focus on those ads that result in paying customers, not just traffic. Study your stats and discard those listings that don’t bring you business.

If you need help with your PPC campaign, give a call. We can help you put together one that will bring you new customers while providing you with a terrific return on your investment.