How to Optimize Your Videos

  • February 3, 2011
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How many times have you searched for something in Google (or another search engines) for information and have a link to a YouTube video come up in the first few results? Probably quite a few times in recent months.

This is because Google has started displaying videos from YouTube on its Google search results pages.

So how do you optimize a video? Some tips below:

Naturally, you’ll want to do some keyword research. Place keywords related to your product/service in Google and YouTube and see what comes up. You’ll want to see if you can get some good niche keywords, as well. Try using a keyword for your product and your town’s name. For example: “prom dresses Santa Ana.”

You’re given just 99 characters for your title text. Place your keywords in them and try hard to make your title interesting and/or catchy.

YouTube gives you plenty of space and characters with which to describe your video. Write as much about your video as possible and, while you’re at, ask people to rate your video (Google and YouTube take viewer rankings into account when they rank for search results). Ask them also to share and embed your video.

Make sure you set your video to “broadcast” (many people set their video as “private” while getting it ready and then forget to change it to broadcast when done).

Interesting and important YouTube fact: Someone has to watch your video for eight seconds before YouTube counts the visit as a “view.” Be sure your video is interesting enough to keep people watching for at least eight seconds.

Be sure to embed the video in your blog or somewhere applicable on your website.

Tag it. Add tags to your videos (just as you do with your blog posts). Try five to 10 tags per video.

Speaking of your blog, be sure to write a post about your video, including a link to its YouTube page.

Getting people to watch your video is well and good. Getting them to do something (click a link to your website, fill out a form), also is important. We’ll offer some conversion tips in our next post.

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