How Mobile Marketing Can Get You New Customers FAST!

How Mobile Marketing Can Get You New Customers FAST!
  • February 8, 2011
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More than five billion people now own mobile phones and about 45 percent of them are smartphones. Have you started marketing to your current and potential customers on their mobile devices? If you’re not, get ready to do so.

Here’s why.

Remember when you were putting together your marketing strategy (in any area)? You wanted to be sure the messages you sent were laser focused, correct? Well, with mobile marketing your target market can opt-in to receive your messages. Which means they’ll want to hear from you. You’re already ahead of the receptivity game in this case, and with a finely targeted audience, to boot.

In addition, mobile marketing means you have full control over the messages you send. This includes when you send them and how many times you send them. For example, let’s say you own a furniture store in Van Nuys and you’re holding a special eight-hour 75 percent off sale. You can send messages to customer’s mobiles about the sale in the days and hours before it and during it, stopping as soon as your sale is over.

Mobile marketing also is a terrific way to send “instant” promotions that are time-based: discount coupons, free giveaways and so on.

You should be sure to plan your mobile marketing efforts while keeping your overall marketing plan firmly in mind. It’s very easy to integrate your entire marketing plan, thus providing you with ever better results.

Another incredible aspect of mobile marketing is that about 90 percent of those who receive messages respond to them! Naturally, you’ll want to be sure you make any messages you send as easy as possible for your recipients to reply or act upon them.

Mobile marketing also makes it easy for you to gauge how well any mobile campaign is doing for you. Send out one eand then send a different the next day/week and see which gives you the better response. You can practically ascertain the success of an ad in real time!

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile marketing, give a call. We can set up an affordable mobile campaign that will get your phones ringing!

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