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  • January 13, 2010
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One of the tough things in the SEO business is learning the business you are trying to Optimize for. In the beginning we concentrated on Real Estate Websites. Since we own a company like that ourselves, we know the business inside and out. But with the growth of GOiMarketing , we have found that we really need to study the industries and services that our new clients are in.

Recently we were hired by a microwave switch and matrix company that dealt with the airline industry and the defense industry. What did we know about DowKey and their products? Nothing!

While we know the SEO world and it’s tools, we didn’t know who or what the client was.

In the past six months we have discovered that our jobs are much more than SEO, we are truely providing internet consulting and business consulting to our Internet Marketing Clients.

In the last few years, Conversions of leads has surpassed Traffic and eyeballs as the key metric for Search Engine Marketing success.

As consultants, we need to study our Client’s business, not merely their website.

For Dow-Key, we studied who the target audience was, in this case purchasers and engineers looking for components to finish projects. We marketed directly to them.

The results have been fabulous, not only are they on the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN, last week they signed a $1.2 million contract from a lead where a firm found them on Google because of our program!

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