Google+ and the (Potential) New Face of Social Media Marketing

Google+ Logo

Not sure about you guys, but we’re itching to see how Google+ is going to affect internet marketing. Facebook’s “like” button plugin still reigns supreme, but according to, the new “+1” feature has already surpassed the twitter “tweet” plugin in popularity. On the user end, Google has attempted to integrate all of its services into a one-stop-shop with Google+. Now, with business profiles in the works, it’s possible we have only seen the tip of the iceberg here.

Here at GOMarketing, we strongly back Social Networking as part of any companies’ internet marketing strategy. With that said, we want to see the business end of Google+… now! We know that Google has plans to release business profiles packaged with Analytics Tools soon, but using the other new features available with Google+ really offers some room for imaginative marketing. Alas, for now we have to stay put and wait for Google.

So do you think that Google+ is going to be the one to end Facebook? Is it even possible for both to coexist? Is it still just too early to tell, despite the hype around Google+?
Got a theory? Tell us what you think!