GOMarketing Selected by Google to be Official Google Partners

GOMarketing Selected by Google to be Official Google Partners

GOMarketing Selected by Google to be Official Google Partners

THOUSAND OAKS, CA- GOMarketing Inc, a leading internet advertising and marketing company, has been selected by Google to be an official “Google Partner” to better serve their Clients worldwide.

President of GOMarketing Inc., Richard Uzelac is excited to be working ever closer with Google to provide the best possible results for their clientele.  “Google is   the world leader in online search”, said GOMarketing CEO Richard Uzelac. “Ever since meeting with directly with Google’s second tier management staff at Domainfest 2010 in Santa Monica, GOMarketing has forged an every stronger bond with Google, this is the next step in this relationship.”

To Quote Google: “GooglePartners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google. The badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy, and they use Googlebest practices. You know your business—Google Partners know the web.”

GOMarketing’s Richard Uzelac added, “Meeting those guys at Domainfest one on one way back in 2010 was an eye-opener for us. Here we were with essentially a room full of Billionaires, yet they were as down to earth and plain speaking as you could get. The message was simple, create good content that users will find useful in their search and Google will rank you well. In other words, content is King. We heard the message and the results have been wonderful. Being selected as a Google Partner shows we learned the lesson and incorporated their best practices to the benefit of our Clients.”

About GOMarketing

Over the past nine years, GOMarketing has constantly endeavored to understand the internet marketing landscapes as it changes practically daily. They offer Online Advertising, Internet Optimization, Social Media Optimization, E-Commerce solutions, Website Design and Development, and a host of services to provide our Clients with the best programs to meet their goals.

For more information about online marketing and advertising benefits please contact GOMarketing at: 805-413-7893

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