GOMarketing Inc. Announces International Division

GOMarketing, a Thousand Oaks, CA marketing corporation announced that it will be opening an international sales division to service Europe, and eventually South America.
CEO Richard Uzelac will be visiting Spain and France to meet prospective clients who will be launching products in United States in 2014.
“We’ve worked with Companies in Germany, Spain, China and Italy but we’ve never actively pursued those markets. Our success with those companies and our great relationships with them dictate we open an overseas branch to service those markets,” said Richard Uzelac, CEO of GOMarketing.  “Several of our other Clients, while based and focused on the American market, have substantial international interests. Their requests that we support their international interests such as TUI Spain, AML Global and Dover Corporation,” Uzelac added.
GOMarketing will utilize its international marketing experience to help these clients bridge the international gap and generate revenue worldwide. In addition GOMarketing will work with European and South American Clients for increased brand exposure and revenue growth in their home markets.
About GOMarketing 
Over the past eight years, GOMarketing has constantly endeavored to understand the internet marketing landscapes as it changes practically daily. They offer Online Advertising, Internet Optimization, Social Media Optimization, E-Commerce solutions, Website design and development, International Market consulting and a host of services to encompass a successful online marketing site. For more information about online marketing and e-commerce benefits, please contact GOiMarketing at 1-866-736-1232.