Go Tweeting for Business

Go Tweeting for Business

Can 140-word updates, musings, funny quotes, and links to blogs and online articles of interest to your customers help you grow your business?


If you haven’t taken your business online to Twitter, a micro-blogging service, your competitors may already have and, if so, they are well on their way to taking customers from you.

Twitter helps you create relationships with your customers on a level more personal than ever before. Let them know about your goals, new services or products you’re offering, the new puppy your daughter received from Grandma, and you’re well on your way to creating an audience that is, to twist the title of a recent book and movie, “definitely that into you.”

You may believe that Twitter is full of people telling other people what they had for dinner, that they’re walking to the car to head to work, that they’ve just turned on the television to watch the next American Idol episode.

And it is.

But Twitter is so much more. Twitter is becoming a terrific way to market your products and services to people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Let’s say, for example’s sake, that you’re a plumber. You could write tweets about how to keep a home’s plumbing working smoothly. You could give some do-it-yourself tips about unclogging drains or toilets, with links to articles that explain these DIY instructions in more depth. You could announce new hires. You could write about a job opening. You could — and should — announce any service specials you’re running. You also could — and should — tweet a bit about the personal, such as your child making the honor roll or your reaction to last night’s episode of Lost.

Because you’re tweeting to engage customers, we recommend you keep the highly personal tweets to only about 15-20 percent of your postings. Tweet mostly about business, give tips, announce company news and sales, etc.

We can help you set up your Twitter account and find you hundreds of followers and people to follow quickly. You’ll be amazed how effective tweeting can be for your business..

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