Four Pillars of SEO

Search Engine Optimization can feel so confusing to people. So many different terms (RSS feeds, off-site vs. on-site, long-tail keywords, meta-tags, etc.), getting a handle on SEO can seem impossible to do.

To help you grasp SEO a little better, we offer you the four basic elements of SEO. They are:

  • Good links to your site (backlinks)
  • A site that’s friendly to search engines
  • Title keywords relevant to your business and SEO
  • Good, informative content


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1) Good links to your site: The more links you have coming to your site the better your own site will rank. A good link is one that comes to your site from a site that’s trusted by search engines. What kind of sites are these? Article directories (;, etc.), web directories (Hot Frog and SiteBeSeen, for example), blogs with a large number of followers.

To get these links, write and submit articles to the article directories, with a link to your site in the resource box; list your site in the free and paid web directories. Also get listed in your industry’s professional associations — and even on your local paper’s and chamber’s directories. As for blogs, offer to write guest posts for blogs you admire. You’ll almost always get to have a link on your guest post back to your own site.

2) Search-engine-friendly site: Keep your Flash, dynamic URls and JavaScript navigation links to a minimum on — or completely off — your site. These can slow down search engine spiders.

3) Relevant title keywords: Use relevant keyword phrases for the title of each page of your site. Search engines mostly look at the titles of your web pages to figure out what your site is all about. (The title of your page is located at the top of your browser above your browser’s menu items). Aim to get relevant keywords on each of your page’s titles.

4) Good, informative content: Remember that you’re content really should be written for people, not search engines. Inform your visitors with worthwhile content, video, discount coupons, free downloads — get them motivated to engage with you and your business.

Let us explain what makes good SEO to you in terms you’ll understand. Contact to build or revamp your site so that more visitors will come to your site, visitors who will become customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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