Five Reasons to Hire an Internet Marketing/SEO Company

Have you decided you need to market your business online? Good for you because online truly is where the action is today:

  • About one-third (94 million) adults use the Internet every day in the U.S.
  • Of those 94 million, 64 percent (a bit more than 60 million) use a search engine each day.
  • 64 percent of Americans use the Internet to search for local businesses.
  • What’s more, people searching online for products and services offered locally often want to purchase them right now.

If you’re not where your customers can find you, you’re losing business to your competitors who are.

An Internet marketing  — also sometimes known as a search engine optimization (SEO) — company can help you get found online. You could do this yourself, if you have weeks and perhaps months to learn it well enough so that you’ll see results.

But a professional and well-established Internet marketing company can get you found by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers in the time it would take you to get up to speed on the ever-changing Internet marketing techniques.

Here are five good reasons to hire an Internet marketing company:

1) The company can create a great opt-in landing page for your business. Internet marketing is all about creating relationships and if a prospect fills out the form on your landing page, that will then allow you to…

2) …send e-mail messages regarding your business to the prospect. These e-mails will contain such messages as notices of sales, free products, seminars, etc. The idea is to be “seen” in a prospect’s inbox regularly. Doing so and offering information of value to your prospect will help him or her trust you. Trust begets sales. A good landing page probably won’t result in an immediate sale, but you won’t be able to engage in a terrific e-mail marketing campaign to prospects without it. And it’s the great marketing campaign that sooner or later — and probably sooner than you think — will make your prospect a buyer.

3)  Speaking of relationship building, your Internet marketing/SEO company undoubtedly will want to get a social media marketing campaign underway for you. The company will set up accounts for you at the major social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and get you started. Remember that the purpose of marketing on these sites isn’t to sell but to build relationships. The buying will come.

4) Pay-per-Click. This can be a terrific way to get more visitors to your site quickly (as in hours). It also can be a great way to bring prospects who could easily end up becoming buyers if you run your PPC campaign well. Your SEO/Internet marketing company will research the correct keywords to use in your campaign, keywords that will help get your ad on the first page of Google and other search engines’ results pages.

5) Keywords are key with SEO. The right keywords used in the right way on your website (in your title and meta tags, in your website’s copy, etc.) can go a long, long way to getting your site appearing in the top one or two pages of search results. Put your patience cap on, however — it can take several weeks or months for your site to appear in these top-ranked”organic” search results.

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