Early 2011 Online Marketing Trends. Part One

Early 2011 Online Marketing Trends. Part One

It’s still early in 2011. What are the online marketing trends for the beginning of this year?

We believe social media marketing will grow from the somewhat experimental phase it went through in 2010 to tactics that companies will integrate fully into their overall marketing strategies. Expect to plan, research and measure your efforts more and more this year.

Be prepared: search engine optimization is going to become a bit more challenging as the year progresses. Google is starting to face stronger competition from Bing, as well as the social media sites of LinkedIn, Twitter and especially Facebook. So it’s going to be harder to get your products and/or services appearing on Google’s first page since Google undoubtedly will continuously modify its search algorithms as it works to fend off the competitors mentioned above.

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Speaking of social media, expect advertising on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to soar. Facebook, for example, is a great place for marketers to find targeted and niche markets for businesses’ products and services. Expect to see advertising opportunities that will capture these new customer niches. More and more companies are quickly seeing that social media is a great place to find new customers.

Are you ready for mobile marketing? The iPhone, the Android and the iPad all mean that more and more people are accessing the Internet via a smartphone. We believe that you’ll see mobile marketing continue to grow beyond text and e-mail messages. We believe companies are going to have to ensure that their websites look good on the smaller screens of smartphones and pads. Mobile everything (e-mail, messaging, websites, and applications) will be a big focus for marketers this year.

Our next post will discuss a few other early 2011 online marketing trends.

The online marketing world changes constantly. It’s well nigh impossible for a business owner to keep up. That’s where GoMarketing.com comes in. Our business is online marketing. We keep up on the changes so that you don’t have to. Contact us today.

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