Content Writing

Content Writing

Good written content is important for every website to attract users. We at GoMarketing can provide you content for whatever topic if your time of content writing is limited. There are some rules that we are always following when we are writing a text for a website.

KISS – Keep it short and simple

Otherwise people get bored and may not read everything. This will be different if you are writing for a blog, but for a website it is important to keep it short and simple.

Use paragraphs

Headlines and other separators are very important to organize your content well. The paragraphs should not be too long and easily to read.

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Don’t use complicated words

… unless you are having a website where only specialists are having access to. People might not know your Jargon and get disappointed by not understanding what you want to say.

Talk to customers directly

This may sound weird, but people like being addressed by you as a company. If you are using the word you, it makes people feel comfortable with your brand.

Avoid Repetition

People don’t want to read the same content all over again, so just don’t use duplicated content.


Have you ever heard of those content writing tips?

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