Consumers’ Online Habits

Social media is an ever-growing means for companies to get the word out to consumers about services and products, but it’s still in its infancy.

Yet infants tend to grow to adulthood, so even if  you’re not yet using social media to market your company’s offerings, now would be a good time to start. You’ll be able to catch the social media wave as it grows — and grow your business with it.

In addition, a fast growing number of people more and more go to websites and access their e-mail via mobile devices.

A new report from states that about a third (37 percent) of consumers don’t use a social networking site (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), which means that 63 percent do. In addition, consumers who are a “fan” or who have “friended” a company online are still in the minority.

In addition, the report states that almost two-thirds of people 24 and younger check e-mail on a mobile device.

Other “fun facts” reported include the finding that, even thought retail purchases online make up only about eight percent of all retail purchases, a much larger percentage can be attributed to online research. That is, consumers research their purchases online and then either buy them from a brick-and-motor retailer or service provider (the majority) or purchase online (the aforementioned 8 percent).

Your takeaway from all this? If you’re not using all the Internet offers you to market your products/services, you’re losing out on an affordable sales tool! In addition, another interesting takeaway is how much e-mail marketing could help you sell: the report mentions that 68 percent of consumers aged 18-26 use emailed coupons online. The percentage declines as consumer age increases, but e-mail marketing can and does work!

In addition, while — according to the report — people older than 38 are much less likely to use social networks to get information and recommendations on products, people younger than 38 use social media a lot. And they’re only going to get older as time goes on, but they’ll still be using their social media.

So put together an e-mail marketing campaign. Set up — and use — Facebook and Twitter accounts. Do it now, before your competitors do!

If you’re short on time — and what business owner isn’t? — let help you with your e-mail and social media marketing. We can put together a affordable plans, set up your accounts and do all the writing, tweeting and posting for you.

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