Are you putting your Internet Marketing Cart before the Horse?

  • January 25, 2010
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It’s all so exciting, isn’t it? Internet Marketing, building your e-commerce sales and leads. Money Money Money.

It’s kind of glamorous too. Ashton Kutcher is number one on Twitter, you are on Twitter, it’s like you are buddies isn’t? Well, maybe not but there’s a newness and an excitement to all of this.

Yup, it’s nice to be sitting there in that nice cart until you notice that there is nothing up front to move this all forward. Where’s your horse?

“What IS he getting at?” “What horse?” you say. “What are we missing?”

It’s that decidedly unsexy, not new, not cutting edge concept: Your Website

So many people today are concentrating so much on all this new technology and social programs that they often fail to maintain and update their Mother Ship, their website.

What good is it directing 10,000 followers to your website when it is woefully outdated or functionally obsolete? Why have 10,000 visitors a day if you are still sporting a 67% Bounce rate or a 85% Shopping Cart/Order Form abandonment rate?

Doesn’t it make better sense to clean up the watering hole first before you drive the herds to it?

What should you do?

First, take a cold hard look at your own website. Is it easy to navigate? Is it easy to purchase something? Is it easy to contact the Company from the website? Is it well written and engaging? Would you want to revisit the site if you were a first time customer? Does it offer value and resources worth remembering?

Make sure it is Search Engine Optimized to attract the right Clients or Customers. Make sure the content is fresh and original.

Once you can answer all those questions in a positive manner, then you have a good Mother ship to support all those clever Tweets of yours.

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