A Website Stuffed with Keywords is a Lonely Website

You’ve more than likely heard that good search engine optimized website content requires keywords, and lots of them.

This is partially true.

Yet, your site needs optimized content if it’s to appear high in search engine results. But too many keywords spoil your copy — your visitors won’t find readable.

For example, here’s an obvious  attempt at what  is known as “keyword stuffing:”

If you want your website to rank high in search engines, you’re going to need a good SEO company. Any SEO company you choose should be the kind of SEO company that provides good, ethical SEO. Your SEO company should never try to “keyword stuff” your content. If any SEO company you’re considering recommends you should do so, you should run far and run fast away from that SEO company.

Ugh. Very few people would continue reading after the first sentence. There’s little of value there other than the keywords “SEO company.”

Instead, your site needs to be full of copy that your target audience finds relevant, interesting and of value. Keywords are important, yes. But having great keywords without great copy is like having a sandwich with warm, fresh-from-the-oven bread — with nothing between the slices. Your visitors will feel teased. They will feel cheated.

They will leave you.

You also need to make sure your keywords are in relevant places on your site. Your keywords such appear in your headline, subheads, your first paragraph, the last paragraph and in page tags. They really shouldn’t dominate the “context” of your web page. They should appear there as if naturally. In other words, keywords on a certain page should somehow pertain to that page’s topic.

GoIMarketing.com can create an optimized website for you that will engage your target audience. Your website will be full of content that provides real value to your audience. They will read. They will stay.

And they will buy.

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