10 Simple SEO Tips

  • January 13, 2010
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be easy if you understand the simple things that can improve your rankings. Here is a list of some of the most important ranking factors for search engines.

1. Inbound links are a Huge Factor
The total number incoming links to your site influences your quest for high rankings on search engines. The links to your site show how important your website is to Google and the rest of the Internet. So the more important your website is, the better your rankings will be. If you have more links than your competition, then you will likely have better rankings on Search Engines.

2. Optimize Single Pages
Try and optimize one page of your site for a certain keyword or search term. Do not optimize the same page for more than one search term. If one page is optimized and highly relevant to one search term than it will rank higher than if one page was optimized for multiple keyword phrases.

3. Links from Quality Websites are Important
Although the amount of incoming links to your website are important, search engines also considers the quality of the websites linking to your website. Links from websites that have unrelated content will not help your search engine rankings as much as links from websites with related and relevant content. A link from a website with many links pointing to it will help your search engine rankings more than a link from a website with few inbound links.

4. Free Links are Good Links
If you pay for a link to your site Google and other search engines may penalize your website. A paid link is not editorial and many webmasters report paid links to the search engines. If your competitors report your paid links, you can end up in the Sandbox.

5. Keep all Your Pages in Mind
Even if a single page of your website will be listed for a single keyword phrase, search engines still consider all pages of your website. When you optimize many pages of your website for different keywords make sure that they are all related to a certain topic. Your website will be considered important to this topic and it will be easier to get high rankings for your keywords.

6. Don’t Quit Exchanging Links
To stay ahead of your competitors you should continue to work link building. If you don’t keep on working on your links, your competitors will pass you in the search engine results eventually.

7. Do Not Duplicate
Search engines do not like duplicate content. They want only one piece of the content and pages that have duplicate content will suffer in the search engine rankings. Unique content is what the search engines crave and will help with your results.

8. Steer Clear from Redirects
Redirects were used by spammers and that is why search engines do not like it.A 301 redirect is the only server side redirect so that search engines see it as a permanent redirect. All other redirects like Javascript redirects do not send the links from the old page to the new page and can even be interpreted as a spamming attempt.

9. Content and Links Together
Your rankings will be better when your website has includes content and incoming links that are optimized for the same topic. A web page optimized for Language Translation and that has many links from other web pages that use the term Language Translation as the link text is much more likely to get a top ranking than a page with just inbound links or the optimized content.

10. Age of your Website
The Age of your website or domain can not be changed. It is what it is. Usually the longer a website has been around the higher it’s ranking will be. If a website has been existence for awhile then search engines will think it is important if it has been around so long.

These are known as “White Hat” methods of SEO that highly influence your website’s rankings in search engines. Stay away from “Black Hat” methods such as Link Farming, Cloaking, Spamming, Hidden Content, etc. because search engines will penalize or possibly ban your website. The purpose of SEO is not to trick the search engines into ranking your site higher. They have become to smart for that. If you do the right things then you will get the best possible rankings on Google and other important search engines.

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